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ThermiVa uses radio frequency to gently heat tissue to tighten the vaginal canal,” says DeLucia. “For best results, three 30-minute sessions are recommended. Although some women do see results after three treatments, the history of radio frequency shows that results tend to be short term.

There’s a new trend concerning the vagina. Women everywhere are bum rushing medical offices to tighten up down there with the help of ThermiVa. What is it exactly? According to Dr. Paul Lorenc, a board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon, ThermiVa is a non-invasive procedure that rejuvenates the vagina. He inserts a single-use wand “and the vaginal canal is gently heated with radiofrequency,” he explained. “It has absolutely no restrictions — the patient can exercise and resume sexual activity the same day.” Lasting about 30 to 40 minutes, the procedure is as easy as going to your gynecologist! The result? A tighter vagina.

Thermismooth—a technology that promises to smooth and tighten skin—involves swiping a pen-like device in circular motions across target areas. The skin’s tissue is heated, causing its collagen to reform and elastin to strengthen. Sessions typically last between 15 and 30 minutes and the technology can be used anywhere on the body—from the face and neck, to the thighs and arms.

The best part? It feels like a hot stone massage.
Gigi Shaker, medical esthetician at Z. Paul Lorenc Aesthetic Plastic  Surgery has patients stop by not only to smooth their skin, but also for Thermismooth’s relaxing element. “So many clients close their eyes and fall asleep during the treatment because it’s so relaxing,” she says. “I love when that happens. Where in Manhattan can you go for a half hour and fall asleep?

We all know ThermiVa™ is the real-deal. The overnight success rate and countless women who have regained their confidence is indisputable. It’s a game change for Las Vegas and in more ways than one. Does it instantly produce results that make your most intimate parts youthful and pretty? Yes. Does it surprise women that there is now a non-surgical solution that not only saves money but actually has virtually no downtime providing same day relief? Yes.

But what excites me the most, as a woman, a friend, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a physician who cares deeply for her clients, is what it actually means to women who no longer have to live in shame or fear of a leaky bladder. Also, it treats successfully the thousands of women who suffer in silence from sexual dysfunction due to vaginal dryness or looseness. When I ask, “why did you wait so long to find a solution”, I am overwhelmingly met with the response of “I just thought this was a natural progression in aging without non surgical rejuvenation solutions”.

Most women do not readily contemplate surgery on their most intimate parts and I understand why, It’s overwhelming to even consider. Thankfully, as a Board Certified Ob-Gyn, I have a vast knowledge of the WHAT and HOW of  the ThermiVa™  process to ensure my clients are receiving the treatment exactly as it was intended if not better. You can find NP’s or PA’s jumping on the bandwagon or even general family physicians or general plastic doctors, but what truly sets me apart are my years of practice, experience and passion for treating all women, during all stages of their lives to ensure a quality of life that they deserve.

Don’t wait a day more to live the life you deserve! For your complimentary Vaginal Rejuvenation consultation, please contact me at 1-844-4THERMILV or 1-844-484-6372, you can also email me directly at info@thermilasvegas.com. Visit me at www.haydeedocasarmd.com or www.thermilasvegas.com.

There’s also ThermiVa, rated 96 percent worth it, and is described as follows.

‘ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment for women who want to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have taken away. Using the same technology that’s used in ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth, radiofrequency energy is sent to the desired area (internally or externally), heating the tissue and stimulating the bodys own collagen. ThermiVa is performed in three treatments over the course of three months. Average Price:$2,700

Having your period can be rough, but not having it is no fun either: Whether caused by hormonal changes associated with giving birth, breastfeeding, perimenopause and menopause, reproductive cancers, taking the pill, or even just garden-variety stress, many women find themselves with (incredibly common) problems that no one ever told them about. “Dryness, painful or not-as-good sex, and low libido are all side effects of normal hormonal fluctuations, and as many as ¼ of women who give birth vaginally get stress incontinence at some point in their lives—but women generally suffer those conditions in silence,” says Dr. Elizabeth Eden, president-elect of the New York Gynecological Society, an OB-GYN in private practice in New York, and gynecologist and consultant for VSPOT Medi-Spa.

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Labiaplasty, a surgical procedure to tighten and improve the aesthetic appearance of the vagina, was already gaining popularity. But non-surgical treatments such as FerniLif,. MonaLisa Touc. and, most recently. ThermiVeD, are using the same tissue tightening energy technology previously us.. anti-aging procedures to rejuvenate the vaginal area
Fortunately, there are now minimally invasive, non-surgical options that offer both aesthetic and knctional vaginal youthfulness. New treatment ThermiVa uses the energy emitted from radio frequency to get the job done. It is a natural extension of the art of deep tissue tightening used now by many dermatologists for the aging face and body. ThermiVa is small (admittedly a relative term in these situations), and can be applied externally on the labia or internally in the vaginal canal for the desired effect. With ThermiVa, there is no dowthime, pain, or acthity restrictions after treatment (you can even have sex that same day). Studies claim that a difference can be noted immediately, but the sustained effect is seen after anywhere from one to three 30 minute sessions.

Gravity doesn’t discriminate. It’s natural: your skin is going to loose elasticity. If you find that your lady bits aren’t as youthful as they once were. you can try ThermiVa. a non invasive procedure aimed at helping you reclaim. restore and revive your skin. that uses heat to gently restore tissue in the skin and rejuvenate it’s appearance. The bonus? The procedure takes less than an hour. there’s no down time and the results last for years. For more information on pricing and finding a physician near you go to ThermiVa.com
By Virginia Lowman

DOUBLE DOWN Surgical neck lifts are facing some seri-ous competition from two new radio-frequency devices that are far less in-vasive. Thermalght, which both melts fat and tightens skin, delivers double-chin-eliminating radio-wave energy via a 2-mm-thick probe, which is inserted beneath the skin through a tiny incision and then slowly fanned back and forth. According to New York-based derma-tologist Francesca Fusco, MD, the ma-chine’s heat-sensing monitors allow for “a great deal of control over the tempera-ture,” which translates to ultraprecise sculpting. Local anesthetic is required during the treatment afterward, patients can expect three days of bandages, along with bruising, swelling, and tenderness. Improvements in wattles are apparent in the first few days, with full results seen after three months. To tackle another hallmark of neck aging, crepiness, derms are using a handset that channels RF waves through hair-thin microneecUes to resurface the skin. EndyMed Latensif “delivers focal dermal radio-frequency heating with minimal disruption of the overlying skin” on all parts of the neck, Gilbert says. “This results in tightening i and also collagen and elastic synthesis in the dermis.” Even after one treatment, most patients experience sigruncant smoothing of tissue-paper-like texture. The device can be used on a full range of skin tones, and is “reliable and predict– able in its results,” says New York derma-‘. tologist Doris Day, MD.

DOUBLE DOWN Surgical neck lifts are facing some serious competition from two new radio-frequency devices that are far less invasive. ThermiTight, which both melts fat and tightens skin, deliv-ers double-chin-eliminating radio-wave energy via a 2-mm-thick probe, which is inserted beneath the skin through a tiny incision and then slowly fanned back and forth. According to New York-based dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD, the machine’s heat-sensing monitors allow for “a great deal of control over the temperature,” which translates to ultrapre-cise sculpting. Local anesthetic is required during the treat-BEAUTY

LAST MAY Rachel., 33, had her fins appointment at VSpot, a new medi-spa among the discreet dermatology and plastic surgery clinics of New York’s Upper East Side. But instead of a refreshed visage,VSpot promises a young, healthier, more effortlessly orgasm-ing vagina. “I have two Itids and wanted everything back to what it was like pm¬babiek” smis Rachel…The difference after die treatment was like night and day. Immediatelk I was more lubricated haat ig sex was a la easier without having to do as much, and both my husband and I were very happy?’ Width the past year aid a hilf no fewer than four new noninvasive treat,eat have launched in the U.S. claiming to reWtalize one’s vagina using energies She radio frequency (IlmsniVa),erbium,YAG (ImMuLase), or fractional CO’ (femiLift, MonaLisa Touch) to stimulate collagen production and better Hood flow. Depending on the device, each session takes fiom five to 30 mina. to perform (typical PI.Mcol Is two m,use treatment, spaced two to six weeks apart), and afterward women report that they are wetter, tighter, and mote “elastic.” They can feel the rend. as well:711e increased collagen leads to more friction during intercourse;’ says Carolyn DeLucia, a gynecologist at VSpot where they use the FemiLift.”And with more blood vessels in the area, there is an increased sensitivity that heightens the intensity of orgasms.”

The benefits usually begin to emerge within hours and continue to improve in the weeks that follow. And the treatment are reporhdly pain-free—some women feel warmth or vibrations. While side effects can include spotting and tenderness, they are rare, and recommended down.. is minimal, at most five days of abstin.ence from sex and tampons, but in many cases you cm have sex that same day.

Herek how it works: With your feet up in stirrups, the doctor inserts a probe that sweeps 360 degrees of the vaginal canal with pulses of enemy, explains Eric Sokol, an modaze professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University Medical Cent, currently conducting studies with the MonalisaTouchThe tido responds by kicking off a flood of secretion and circulation, and activating collagen-creating cells that thicken and redevelo the ynal walls. Eventually even the pH and natural bacteria levels can start to implore, adds Mickey Karram, director of unigynecol¬ogy at the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, who also uses the MonaLisa Touch. So far, remit appear ea last for at least a year before a maintenance visit is needed. Cost, 8600-S1,500 per session.
So who is a mndidate? Anyone who suffers from laxity due to aging, childbirth, and/or “vaginal atoupbt” tenn for severe dryness and stiffness caused by a drop in estmgen, usually from menopause. But research is ongoing to determine which devices are best for laxity and which are best Inc dryness Monslisa Touch is often recommended fa aimphic symptoms, while Therm-Ye is emerging as a favorite for tightening.Until now standard treatments have been Kegels (somewhat helot,’ if you actually do them) Jae] estrogen treatmems for dryness like creams (effec¬My but tedious), or tightening surgeries (lengthy downtime with a risk of scarring). Of course, as with all laser procedures, there are possible complications such as infection if downfune rules aren’t followed.”And would avoid this if you arm* done having childreesays Cheryl Iglesia, a professor of obstetrim gynecology and urology at Georgetown Univer¬sky School of Medicine.”You don’t coact to risk scarring something like your cervix,” Karramk roman is about who performs the procedure, “Be wary of dermatologist and plastic surgeons offering these treament. The female sexual response is wry complex, and they don’t necessarily understand how to do a gynecological exam or the hormone imolved” What remains hard to dismiss, however, are the powerful anecdotes from women who have taken the plunge.Talre Melanie*, 57,a mother of three adult sons (all delivered vaginally) who struggled with a worsening lomeneas”aher the birth °flier youngest 30 years ago. Menopause -related dryness followed.Then,last spring,Melanick urogynecoloMst suggested ThermiVa. Her husband of 3S years encouraged her to go “It felt like I was in my 20s,” she says of the results of her three treatment sessions. “I regained &mations down there that I forgot E ever had.” Companies arc listeninll At least two more intervaginal treatments are in the pipeline for the U.S. market, and VSpot has its eye on expanding the business.Will you soon see one on a comer near you? Sit tight.

(HealthNewsDigest.com) – You no longer have to hide your saggy neck behind turtlenecks and scarves. Science has finally caught up with what women really want: Dramatic neck tightening in a single treatment that looks natural, doesn’t require surgery and continues to look better over time. It’s called ThermiTight. And after trying it for themselves, 95 percent of patients told RealSelf.com that they would recommend it to their friends.
Does this sound like you?
You can’t look at yourself in a mirror without the urge to pull up the skin around your neck with your fingers, dreaming about how good you could look if your neck wasn’t so saggy.
Maybe you’ve tried those non-invasive treatments but were unhappy with the results.
You’re either too young for a facelift, or you just don’t want one because of the extensive downtime and fear of unnatural-looking results.It’s time to feel good about your neck again
ThermiTight is a non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative for skin laxity. It uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin, which improves sagging and smooths out texture.”It’s one painless in-office procedure that takes less than an hour,” explains Dr. Patricia Wexler . “It uses a tiny probe the size of a toothpick to tighten three layers of the neck simultaneously with controlled thermal energy. Most people resume their normal activities the next day. The age-reversing results are immediate. They keep improving for up to a year, and last for several years.”

Officially launched in 2014, ThermiTight is already available in hundreds of physicians’ offices across the country. So far, more than 20,000 necks have been tightened using this highly effective procedure, at a fraction of what a traditional neck lift usually costs. “There have been other RF devices introduced over the years, but this is the first one that has earned such high ratings from people who have actually experienced how it easily and dramatically can improve their appearance over the long term,” says Wexler.

Do you hate your neck? Visit www.ThermiTight.com to determine if the procedure might be right for you. Then use the site’s convenient doctor finder to locate an experienced physician. Soon you too may be smiling back at your reflection, loving your neck again and showing it off instead of covering it up.

Whether the goal is to look better in tight LuLulemon yoga pants, get their pre-childbirth “vajayjay” back or treat more pressing down-there medical conditions, growing numbers of women are turning toward noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation.

In the past, surgery was the only option for women who were concerned with the look, feel or function of their vaginas.

Not anymore.

Today there are a host of devices available to treat these issues non-invasively with no downtime.

“The latest energy-based technologies including ThermiVa can reverse some of the effects that pregnancy and aging have on this area with none of the side effects associated with older therapies,” says Bruce E. Katz, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, director of the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center, and director of the Juva Skin & Laser Center in New York.

How ThermiVa works: Aging, loss of collagen, and vaginal births all take their toll on this area. ThermiVa delivers temperature-controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy through a tip to tighten tissues, and increase blood flow the labia majora and clitoris, which improves sensitivities. “RF energy has been used for decades to tighten skin in other parts of the body so we know it is safe,” says Katz. “It contracts the tissue and encourages the production of new collagen, which is what gives skin its healthy, supple qualities.” ThermiVa taps into the same technology used in ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth for skin rejuvenation. The ThermiVa protocol involves three separate treatments over  three months.

What ThermiVa treats: Vaginal dryness, overactive bladder (leaking) and the reduction in the ability to have an orgasm.

1. How well does ThermiVa work?  “It will add more moisture both internally and externally to make daily life and sexual intercourse more comfortable without the use of hormones and reduce leakage by 60-70%,” Katz says.

2. Any downtime with ThermiVa? “There is no downtime, and the results are immediate, “ says Katz. Results last for about one year and then the treatments are repeated.

3. Who can use ThermiVa? “Any woman concerned with overactive bladder, dryness and difficulty achieving orgasm can benefit,” says Katz.

4. Where to get ThermiVa? Gynecologists, dermatologists and some plastic surgeons perform the ThermiVa procedure. Find one near you now.

Gravity doesn’t discriminate. It’s natural: your skin is going to loose elasticity. If you find that your lady bits aren’t as youthful as they once were, you can try ThermiVa, a non invasive procedure aimed at helping you reclaim, restore and revive your skin, that uses heat to gently restore tissue in the skin and rejuvenate it’s appearance. The bonus? The procedure takes less than an hour. there’s no down time and the results last for years.

For more information on pricing and finding a physician near you go to ThermiVa.com

A non-invasive spa treatment – Lasers and radio frequency technologies are all the rage. . spas. An altemm . and cosmetic surgeries, treatments like Ibtrmo can firm. sa- and lift areas of the asp.sag heat instead of needles or scalpels. While the services can be expensive, the lack of downtime and pain will have the recipient thanking you for years to come. (Thermi. $3200)

Recent statistics show that more women are seeking cosmetic procedures for their precious lady parts.

Labiaplasty – treatments that address a wide range of vaginal concerns from cosmetic to sexual and functional issues – is one of the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The latest trend is a minimally-invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedure called ThermiVA, a new quick-fix option that is used to treat low libido, trouble reaching orgasm, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence and may even heighten feelings of pleasure during sex.

Launched early last year, the procedure is unique because it’s fast, (a session takes about 30 minutes), less invasive and pain-free with no downtime or side effects, according to Gigi Shaker, a medical aesthetician for world-renowned board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D., F.A.C.S.

“[ThermiVA is] surprisingly very popular,” Shaker told New York Smash. “The conditions that ThermiVA treats are not generally discussed over wine with friends or in the boardroom, however, they are very common.”

We got the scoop on this cutting-edge vaginal procedure, thanks to an exclusive Q&A with Gigi Shaker, medical aesthetician at the office of Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc.

Barcelona-based pharmaceutical giant Almirall, S.A. has acquired Irving’s ThermiGen LLC., a private aesthetic medical device company known for its minimal and non­invasive thermal energy product line.

Almirall in September sunk $5 million into the company to acquire 7.7 percent of its capital share. It also paid another $2.5 million to get a call option to acquire all the way up to $100 percent of the business. This week, it chose to call in that arrangement. The companies did not disclose financial details. But in 2014, the company had revenue of $11.4 million. It nearly tripled that in 2015, bringing in a projected $35 million. The company is less than four years old.

“This potential acquisition is the first step towards building a leading presence in the aesthetics market and it continues to consolidate our company as a leading Dermatology player,” read a statement from Jorge Gallardo, Almirall’s president. “The structure of this two step deal has allowed Almirall to learn more about the market and about the company. We are confident that it represents an attractive opportunity to enter an exciting market with a potential global sales in high growth dermatological indications.”

Thermi moved to a new headquarters in Irving last June. It offers products that allow plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and OB-GYNS to use thermal energy during micro-invasive and non-invasive procedures that purports to boost patient safety and clinical effectiveness. The company’s goal is to expand worldwide.


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