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Our philosophy at Haydee Docasar, MD as it relates to gynecology is based on our desire to provide state of the art comprehensive care to discriminating women of all ages. We feel that women are entitled to receive personalized medical care in a beautiful surrounding and our office is designed with that intent in mind.

The specialty of gynecology has had many exciting advances for women in recent years. We now have lower dose oral contraceptive pills that can be taken in ways to significantly help decrease menstrual flow, lessen menstrual cramps or they can be used to control if and when a woman has a menstrual cycle. The Mirena IUD is a revolutionary form of reversible birth control for women in the United States by giving women not only highly effective contraception, but also decreased menstrual flow and menstrual cramping as well.

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Haydee Docasar, MD

6785 W. Russell Road

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Haydee Docasar M.D.
6785 W. Russell Road, Suite 130
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